7/5/13 Podcast: This Little Puig-y/Sal Loves JJ Redick

It’s time again for another edition of the PTY Podcast. Excuse the guys if they sound tired, this was recorded in the wee hours of the morning…well not really. But it’s early if you’re on “Joe Pa time”… The guys talk Scott Feldman, Yasiel Puig, Chris Davis vs. Albert Pujols, the first-half Most Valuable Oriole, Sal declares his love for JJ Redick in another edition of his NBA Shootaround, Joe tells the listeners how he almost got kicked out of OPACY and of course to top it all off, a few Confessions!

0:00-20:00 The Rundown: The guys talk about the Arrieta/Strop/Feldman trade, Whether Yasiel Puig should be considered for the All-Star Game and Jed Rigney’s internet troll-like article on having Albert Pujols start over Chris Davis.

20:00-22:00 Sal’s NBA Shootaround: Sal breaks down the latest trades and post=draft action in the NBA…bet you can’t guess what happens next

22:00-30:00: The guys recap the O’s impressive sweep of the Yankees and break down the upcoming series in the Bronx

30:00-33:00:Joe Pa tells the listeners how he was almost kicked out of OPACY during the Sunday night game of the Yankees’ series.

30:00-36:00 Joe Pa’s Stat of The Day :Joe Pa gives you a stat about the O’s pitching that may just blow your mind…

36:00-42:00: Sal, Cal and Joe Pa each pick their Most Valuable Oriole of the first half that isn’t Chris Davis

42:00-55:44 Confessions and Signoff: Sal is addicted to something other than gambling, Cal worries that he may not truly be a Baltimoron, and Joe Pa nearly killed a kid.

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2 thoughts on “7/5/13 Podcast: This Little Puig-y/Sal Loves JJ Redick

  1. Charlie and I support you Sal. Especially when it comes to good coverage about the Clips. Feel free to come on our show for a complete Sal’s NBA shoot around timeslot. Take as long as you need

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