PTY Podcast 6/23/13 (Wire Watch/Salvatore Strikes Back)

The boys are back together for this edition of the PTY Podcast. Sal talks Tim Tebow, JoePa reports “live” from the Grand Canyon giving updates on the man in blue jeans trying to cross on a two inch wire. The guys talk the O’s disappointing  week, Joey Bats vs. O’Day, the All-Star voting system and wrap it all up with their latest “Confessions”

Courtesy Discovery Channel

Courtesy Discovery Channel

6.23.13 (The Salvatore Strikes Back)

0:00-12:00 The Rundown: Sal explains how his absence from last week’s Podcast actually had to do with the guys from the BSR Podcast then Cal & Sal talk about Tim Tebow’s place on the Patriots while JoePa is enraptured by “Wire Watch”

12:00-13:00 JoePa “Live” From The Grand Canyon I: JoePa gives his breakdown of the Man on a Wire high above The Grand Canyon

13:00-15:00 Sal’s NBA Shootaround:  Sal talks the Heat’s Championship and the potential for Alex Len to be picked #1 in the NBA Draft

15:00-17:00 JoePa “Live” From The Grand Canyon II: A second update from JoePa on “Wire Watch” interrupts the NBA Shootaround and Sal loses it

17:00-25:00: The guys talk about the disappointing play from the O’s against the Blue Jays and remind the listeners, now is not the time to panic

25:00-28:00: What do we do with Freddy Garcia? Is Zach Britton the new Chris Tillman?

28:00-36:00: Jose Bautista vs. Darren O’Day. Sal says Cal and JoePa are guilty of homerism, JoePa and Cal say Sal’s twitter handle is dumb

36:00-45:00: The update on the AL ASG voting and the guys discuss if the voting system is broken

45:00-46:00 JoePa’s Stat of The Day: JoePa drops some knowledge on you, reminding you again to NOT PANIC

46:00-57:08 Confessions and Signoff: JoePa hates your favorite Mexican restaurant, Cal admits to not seeing a classic baseball movie and Sal just wants to have fun

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